top 10 best cleaner for car interior plastic
Cleaning your car interior plastic is not an easy task. There's few reviews are available online on best cleaner for car interior plastic. In this article we will cover unbiased review on top 10 best cleaner for car interior plastic


The condition of your car solely depends upon how well you treat it. If you take care of your car well and keep it clean, you can keep the shiny look of your new car for as long as you want to. So, ask yourself, how much you want to keep your car look fresh like new one? In this article we will discuss some of the best cleaner for car interior plastic and some homemade tricks to clean car interior plastic.

Well, to do that, you need the best cleaner to clean deeply and protect strongly. A car interior cleaner cleans your interior parts from dashboard to back panels and keeps them clean for a long time. These cleaners provide a strong coating to protect the interior surfaces from environmental harm.

From the experts of our quality team, we have put together a list of the best car interior cleaners made for all types of car interiors. Let’s see checkout the shortlist of best cleaner for car interior plastic!

Top 10 best cleaner for car interior plastic

1) CarGuys Super Car Interior Plastic Cleaner & Detailer


top 10 best cleaner for car interior plastic

From your dashboard to the seat leather, this all in one super cleaner can clean all the surfaces with ease. The super effective CarGuys Super Cleaner promises the best cleaning quality on any type of surface. The cleaner comes with some of the most unique features. Made from best quality polymers, the cleaner can clean with nanoparticle technology. Here are some of the most unique features of this car cleaner:


  • Clean at Molecular Level

Most of the car cleaners in the market can’t provide deep clean like everybody wants. But this little piece of wonder was created to clean at a molecular level. The freshly formulated inner bonding of the particles allows the cleaner to get the dirt out of your vehicle with ease. No matter how deep the dirt is, this cleaner can get them all. And this deep cleaning method made this product one of the best cleaner for car interior plastic.

  • Clean and Smooth Finish

Car interior cleaners mostly leave behind a thin layer of greasy substance. This produces a glossy outlook but at the end of the day, attracts more dirt to it. That means, you would have to use it again and again. It is a very smart move of marketing strategy. But this product promises complete cleaning with no greasy leftovers and offer best car interior polish. Your car would look just like when it was purchased.

Our quality team has reviewed this car dash cleaner and they have selected it as their best car dashboard cleaner! Check it out yourself!


  • Enough to remove any dirt and needs no external chemicals
  • Can remove stains from deep within the car interior
  • Works on almost all the surfaces efficiently


  • Takes more time to clean than other cleaners
  • Some users have complained that it leaves a white mark after using it couple of times.

2) KevianClean Interior Car Plastic Defense & Cleaner


top 10 best cleaner for car interior plastic

Some people say that you need equipment worth your paycheck to clean your car properly. But the KevianClean Interior Defense Cleaner has proved that theory wrong. This cheap but one of the best cleaner for car interior plastic that promises to give your car a new-like shine along with hundred percent dirt and stain removal. Moreover, it offers bets car interior polish which is very rare to find in most of the car interior plastic cleaner. Let’s find out more about this amazing & best car dashboard cleaner:


  • Multipurpose Cleaner

This car interior dashboard cleaner can clean your seat leather, dashboard plastic, front and back glasses and even the bumpers. This multipurpose car interior cleaner promises to supply ultimate cleaning quality on all the surfaces. It can clean without any help of any external chemicals. Just apply and rinse properly to get the best cleaning results on any surfaces.

  • Protect and Polish

The cleaner is made from best quality Carnauba wax. This wax applies a thin layer of transparent coating over any surface. This surface is touch supported and don’t get mushed because of weight. The wax layer gives a smooth finishing to the cleaning process and keeps the surfaces away from attracting dirt.


  • Eco-friendly cleaner with bio-degradable material
  • Works on all types of car surfaces
  • Provides a smooth finish with wax coating


  • Works slower on vinyl surface
  • The conditioning portion works better than the cleaning agent.

3) 303 UV Protectant spray for car interior plastic


top 10 best cleaner for car interior plastic

With a thin layer of protecting the surfaces from UV radiation, the 303 car interior dashboard cleaner can clean your car efficiently and keep it clean for a long time. The cleaning agent is made from UV protectant polymer. The cleaner not only cleans the surfaces but also leaves a safety coating that keeps the surfaces away from UV ray and dirt. Here are some of the top features of this best cleaner for car interior plastic:


  • Cleaner and Repeller

The cleaner leaves a thin layer of wax coating that saves the outer layers from the harm caused by UV ray. Moreover, the coating works more than just that. It works as a dust and stain repeller. The safety coating provides excellent backup to protect the color of metal and plastic.

  • Rinse Free

The cleaner doesn’t need any rinsing in order to work efficiently. The liquid is enough to clean your car interior. As soon as the cleaner is sprayed, it stays on the surface and makes cleaning an easier task. The finish is smooth and it leaves a nice odor.


  • Provides protection against UV rays
  • Fit for both interior and exterior cleaning
  • Keeps the surfaces away from attracting dirt and stains


  • We observed this product for couple of months. We noticed a very frequent price shifting of this product.
  • If not used as per the guideline this product might leave dry look on your car interior plastic.

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4) Chemical Guys Inner Clean Interior Quick Detailer

top 10 best cleaner for car interior plastic

The Inner Clean car dash cleaner is the ultimate protection for your vehicle interior. The cleaning agent was engineered from the best minds. It has the special ability to put a strong coating around the interior surfaces in order to keep them away from dirt and dust. Moreover, the coating protects the parts from UV radiation and keeps the color intact. Let’s find out more about this amazing car dash cleaner!


  • Quick Detailing

This car dash cleaner comes with quick detailing feature. This feature allows the user to clean all the surfaces more efficiently. The material sticks to the surface and dries within seconds. That leaves a wax coating on it and stays on for a long period of time.

  • Original Appearance

This car dash cleaner adds a different glow to the frequently used vehicle. The soft coating brings back the factory appearance to your car. On top of that, that layer protects the surfaces from heat and UV rays. UV ray can cause damage to the paint and interior material. This cleaner gets rid of that for you.


  • Top in the market protection formula
  • It offers quick detailing & deep cleaning
  • Soft coating repels dust and dirt for a long time
  • Advanced protection from heat, UV ray and strains


  • Can’t clean light upholstery like it’s supposed to
  • According to some users, it leaves a yellowish residue after cleaning.
  • It has a very nice odor but a strong one that might give headache to some people.

5) Meguiar’s Quik Interior Detailer Cleaner

top 10 best cleaner for car interior plastic

With all types of surface support, the Meguiar’s Interior car dash cleaner offers the most efficient cleaning quality with in your budget. This cleaner can clean all types of interiors including rubber, vinyl, leather, metal, glass and many more. The cleaning agent is quick to work and efficient in cleaning. It spreads equally throughout the surface and gives a smooth finishing. Here are some of the unique qualities of this best car dashboard cleaner.


  • Protecting Guard

The cleaning agent is made from protectant material to provide extra protection. Just a simple application can protect your car interior from cracking, aging and drying. It can act like a repeller too. It can repel dirt and strains from gathering on the interior. The smooth surface finish gives your vehicle interior complete immunity when it comes to pollution.

  • Deep Cleansing

The most intriguing feature of this cleaner is the deep cleansing formula. There’s no need of additional material to super clean you vehicle interior. Applying only this cleaner can make enough difference. The cleaner leaves a polished wax feels along with a loving odor.

Looking at the stats, this cleaner looks like a promising one which can get the job done properly. You have to check it out to know more!


  • Cleans quickly and efficiently
  • Works on almost all types of car interior surfaces
  • Smart interior protectant to keep it clean longer
  • It protects car interior plastic from further grimes to set in.


  • Doesn’t add additional shine to the interior
  • Require large quantity of spraying to clean a small portion.
  • It may leave some spot if you take the car in the sunlight right after cleaning.

6) Griot's Garage Car Interior Plastic Cleaner

top 10 best cleaner for car interior plastic

Keeping the classic values alive, the Griot’s Garage Interior Cleaner has come with advanced features for the mass people. This one of the best car dash cleaner that can clean any type of surface. It can also keep it clean for a long period of time. You won’t get any shiny look but you will get rid of the greasy finish that other cleaners leave. Let’s look at the best qualities of this cleaner.


  • Keeps Your Colors Alive

Most of the cleaners in the market affects your car interior color and changes the way they are supposed to look. But this particular cleaner can make the color more vibrant and exotic. With no extra modifications, the color stays the way it was painted and the wax coating gives it a fresh new outlook. Don’t worry, it won’t be greasy. The wax coating is touch supported. It will deliver what it has promised.

  • Deep Dust Cleaner

The cleaner has deep cleaning capability. With the Ultraclean technology, the cleaner can clean up to 98% dust from even the most unreachable parts of your car interior. The cleanser gets itself attached with the dust and dirt. After that, they put a coating around the surface which makes it impossible to attract or gather dust.

With keeping the colors alive and putting around a strong coating against dirt, this cleaner has earned a top position for its unique features. Try it yourself!


  • Works on all types of leathers and fabrics
  • Smooth finish with touch support
  • Keeps the colors alive without making any modifications
  • It does deep cleaning of the car interior.
  • It doesn’t leave any greasy residue.
  • One of the best car dash cleaner.


  • Works really badly on vinyl surfaces
  • Doesn’t leave a satin glossy look.
  • Instead it leaves a dark silky look.
  • The structure of the bottle is kind of faulty. The solution leaks heavily when spraying.

7) NextZett Car Plastic Deep Cleaner and Detailer

top 10 best cleaner for car interior plastic

Besides cleaning dust or grimes from your car plastic, this product even prevents dust or grimes to grow. It is an environment friendly plastic cleaner. It doesn’t hold any harmful substances. This product has multiple uses.

You can use this product to clean armrests, door handles, steering wheels, coated leather and many more. It is a water based formula. That means, it is bio-degradable and formalin free.

This product is one of the best cleaner for car interior plastic at this price. It offers two phases cleaning. If you are a smoker you know nicotine residue may leave yellowish substance.

This product is perfect to withdraw even nicotine remaining by providing a thorough clean. It will give your car interior plastic a smooth, glossy and dust resistant finish. So if you are on budget you can consider this cleaner for car interior plastic.


  • Besides cleaning, it also prevents further grimes to grow.
  • It can also clean vinyl, rubber or coated leather.
  • Doesn't hold any harsh or harmful chemicals.
  • It offers two phases cleaning.
  • It has multiple uses.


  • According to many users this product is fit for light cleaning rather than deep cleaning.
  • This product doesn't help with car interior plastic cracking.
  • This product is not UV protected.
  • Doesn't take off the deep stains.

8) Meguiar's Ultimate Car Interior Plastic Detailer

top 10 best cleaner for car interior plastic

Cleaning car interior plastic can be mind-numbing if you don’t have the right product. This product is one of the best cleaner for car interior plastic. It doesn’t involve multiple steps to clean car dashboard. In fact, it only requires to spray on the car dashboard and wipe with a towel. The cleaning surface doesn’t confine to only car dashboard. You can clean car steering, stereos, door panel & jambs etc.

The best part is it doesn’t leave any greasy surface. Moreover, it is UV protected that makes your car interior looks good. If you are looking for a product that will give your car interior a deep cleaning you can rely on this product.

For best output it is suggested to wipe the plastic with Meguiar’s Supreme Shine Towels. The product is enough to give your car plastic part a shiny look with a glaze that you want. And this made this product one of the best cleaner for car interior plastic.


  • It is applicable to car steering, door panel & jambs as well.
  • It leaves a shiny look on the plastic part of the car.
  • It is UV protected that ensure good look of your car interior.
  • It doesn't leave any greasy surface.
  • It offers one stop cleaning facility.
  • Ensure deep cleaning.


  • It produces odd odor that require time to get used to.
  • If it gets in touch with glass surface it might damage the coating.

9) Trinova car Interior Cleaner and Quick Detailer

top 10 best cleaner for car interior plastic

For quick result you can’t find anything better than this product. Trinova has been one of the prominent name in the industry of car cleaning. With this product, you just need to spray and wipe to get rid of the dust, dirt or grimes.

We all face one issue when it comes by car plastic surface. The noxious UV rays demean the car plastic surface. And this cause cracking and fading to your car interior plastic.

This is one of the best cleaner for car interior plastic which provides UV protection. This car plastic cleaner is safe to use on rubber, plastic, finished leather. There is another reason why we put this product on our top 10 list.

This product is efficient to repel dust that prevents dust or grimes to set in till the next cleaning. That means you will need to use it less frequently. Beside if you judge the brand value it is a best cleaner for car interior plastic at a very good price.


  • Beside plastic surface it is safe to use on rubber or finished leather.
  • It offers UV protection to the car interior plastic.
  • It is a famous brand in car cleaning industry.
  • It repels dust or grimes to set in quickly.
  • Give a shiny look to your car interior plastic.


  • According to some users, the brand is good on leather cleaning. But not up to the mark for car dashboard cleaning.
  • When we used this product practically, we experienced a diluted smell which was not soothing.
  • Not very much handy to pull off sunscreen or lotion stains from the plastic.

10) NextZett Car Cockpit Premium Plastic Cleaner

top 10 best cleaner for car interior plastic

From your dashboard to your navigation screen, the nextzett Cockpit Premium car dash cleaner can clean them all. The cleaner works on many surfaces and can clean efficiently enough. The finish is smooth and the coating is shine free. That means, your car gets a fresh new look with every clean. There are some unique qualities that this cleaner possesses. Let’s look at them!


  • Smooth and Shine-free

The finishing is amazing when it comes to this particular cleaner. It won’t add any extra shine and ruin the actual color of the interior. It will rather provide a smooth surface finish along with a transparent coating that will make the colors look more vibrant. A simple spray and rinse will do the trick.

  • Extra Protection

This best car dash cleaner comes with extra-long hours of protection against sunlight, heat and dirt. The transparent coating works like a defense system against all of these. It repels dust and dirt and takes care of the strains.

With some of the best features, this cleaner is surely a great one to consider in your budget. Check it out!


  • It doesn’t leave a greasy finish like other products.
  • Transparent coating makes colors look more alive
  • Protects car interior part against strong sunlight.
  • Leaves a soothing and fresh smell for hours
  • UV blocking agent works like a barrier
  • Ensure a very soothing odor.


  • Works less on vinyl surfaces
  • It doesn’t work very well plastic trim part.
  • It doesn’t give a shiny look on your interior plastic part.

Why you should clean car interior plastic regularly?

Cleaning car interior is a must when it comes to your reputation. You can’t drive in a dirty car. But there are more things to consider when it comes to cleaning your car interior plastic regularly. And that’s why we put an extra effort while reviewing the best cleaner for car interior plastic. Let’s check out the reason why you should clean car interior plastic regularly:

  1. To keep the plastic in good shape for a long period of time.
  2. Plastic seems to loose color over time and it just fades away. Cleaning your car regularly would provide enough protection to keep the colors alive a lot longer.
  3. The plastic material can be damaged by UV rays. But, if you apply a cleaner regularly, it will act as a safety coating against UV rays.
  4. Remember those accidental scratch marks? Cleaning regularly with a cleaning agent will protect your car interior against sudden scratches.

Things you should consider when buying the best cleaner for car interior plastic

You can’t just try a new type of interior cleaner and try it on your car. First, you would have to find out the exact build quality of your car interior. Find out what your car interior is made out of. If you know all the details about your car, look for these qualities of the best car interior plastic cleaner to choose the perfect one for you:

  • Excellent Cleaning Quality

Quality comes first when it is about your car interior. Some cleaners offer a rough amount of cleaning results while others provide better quality but for a limited time. In case of finding out the quality, look for the coating type of the cleaner.

Most of the car interior plastic cleaner in the market leave back a greasy substance as coating while others offer transparent wax coating. Choose the one that supplies transparent coating for better outcomes.

  • Dust abomination

An interior cleaner’s first job is to get rid of dust and dirt. The ideal cleaner must make this task easy. There are some cleaners which offer quick and efficient dust cleaning. Choose this type of cleaners as they are the best option against dust formation.

  • Safe & Environment Friendly Substances

Your car interior parts are made out different materials. Some are made from leather, some from plastic and some from glass. You need a cleaner that works ideally on all surfaces and do not cause damage to others. The chemical ingredients should be harmless and protect the surfaces from chemical harm.

  • Relentless Multipurpose Use

A multipurpose cleaner is the one which can be used for different surfaces. It can work magically on all the interior surfaces. From leather to glass, you can clean any type of surface efficiently and without any worries. The safety feature allows you to apply the mixture relentlessly.

  • UV-Protection

Car interior plastic can easily get damaged by UV rays. The color seems to fade away pretty quickly and you can do only one thing against it. You can find a suitable interior cleaner with UV ray protection. Some cleaners offer transparent coating that can save your car from UV rays and keep it looking like new.

Best way to clean car interior plastic

If you think that you got a best cleaner for car interior plastic and your work is done, then you got it all wrong. To clean your car interior plastic in the most efficient way you need to follow some important steps. Let’s check them out below:

  • Initial Dust & Grimes Sterilizing

First, get rid of the dust and grimes that has gathered inside your car. You can vacuum the seats to start with the cleaning process. After vacuuming the seats, take a fresh towel and take off the loose dirt from the seats and leg stands. This will make it easier for the cleaner to do its job.

  • Cleaning deep of the interior plastic

After you get rid of the dirt and dust, it’s time for a deep clean. Take a fresh towel or freshen up the towel you used before. Reach those areas that are less attended and clean them with the help of the towel. You can use a wet towel instead but water isn’t good for all types of materials. Get rid of all types of dirt and dust.

  • Use the best cleaner for car interior plastic

After you’re done with the deep cleaning, here comes the easiest part. Take the best cleaner for car interior plastic and start spraying it. Try to distribute the liquid all over the surfaces. Don’t concentrate on a single point. Rather, keep a towel at the other hand and rinse over the whole surface with it. There are some cleaners that don’t require rinsing. If it tires you, choose one like them.   

  • Protect from further future damage

Cleaning is just the beginning. To make your car stay fresh, you need to keep it clean for a long time. The best cleaner will put a coating around the interior surfaces to protect it from UV rays, dust, dirt and scratches. But, you have to keep some things in mind. Park your car under a shade and keep it out of sunlight for longer periods. At night, keep it under a solid shade.

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Homemade car interior dashboard cleaner

If you can’t reach or don’t want the hassle to buy a car interior cleaner, you can just make one yourself! It’s as easy as that. Just follow the steps written below and you will have what you need.

How to Clean Car Interior Plastic with Olive Oil & Lemon Juice

The first method of making a car dashboard cleaner is by mixing olive oil with lemon juice. You can mix them in a bottle or in a bowl. Take a small amount of the solution on a damp cloth or towel and apply it smoothly. The solution should be spread all over the surface equally. Too much concentration on a single point might create discoloration.

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How to Clean Car Interior Plastic with Vinegar & Water

The second method of making a car dashboard cleaner is by adding water in vinegar. Mix them in a bottle and spray it gently over the dashboard surface. The ratio of the solution should be 3:1. That means 3 cup of vinegar should be mixed with 1 cup of water. Use a spray bottle to contain the solution. You can use cotton towel or baby wipes to clean the solution from the dashboard.

How to clean car dashboard with rubbing alcohol

Some strong stain won’t come out with olive oil or vinegar. But alcohol might just do the trick. You should do a small test first before using alcohol all over your dashboard. In any way you shouldn’t rub alcohol on the stain part of the dashboard. Rather you can just take the alcohol on a rag and when the alcohol will soak into the rag you can just press the rag on the stain part. Later, you can wash it with soap and water.

How to Clean Car Interior Plastic with Baking Soda

We all have baking soda in our kitchen closet. It can be used to clean car interior plastic. Actually it is a widely used procedure to clean different parts of car. To make the mixture we will need Baking soda, vinegar & some detergent. First we will mix 1 & half cup of baking soda with half cup of liquid soap and 2 tablespoon vinegar.

We will also need to add ½ cup of water to it. Once we mix everything we will take the solution in a spray bottle. Later, we will just have to spray it on the greasy or stained part of car interior plastic and rub it off with a scrub. It’s a very good method to wipe off grease or grimes.


Cleaning your car interior plastic is as important as cleaning other part of your car. Without proper cleaning on regular basis your car interior plastic might fade over time and will lose its charm. That’s why we put an extra effort in this article to present some of the best cleaner for car interior plastic.

We also covered some tips on how to clean your car dashboard perfectly. We hope this article will help you to identify some of the best car dash cleaner and your car interior plastic will glow as it should be. Let us know your feedback. We will also appreciate if you have any suggestion for us. Thanks for reading to the end of this article.