Best Top 3 Best Product to Clean car Seats : Reviews and tips
What can you do to make sure your car upholstery is clean enough? Well, that’s not a question that can be answered in a sentence. As we’ve been constantly looking for the best methods through online guides and local mechanics, there were certain things we learned from them. In this article we will also give you insight on top 3 best product to clean car seats.

Introduction: Best Product to Clean Car Seats

Why do you need to keep your car upholstery clean? Well, your car is your one and only best friend when it comes to moving from one place to another. You spend a great amount of time sitting in your car then you can remember. From sitting through the usual traffic to going off roads in case of emergencies, your car is the solid companion when it comes to saving your time.

This time and effort saving friend needs to stay clean from the inside in order to provide you the smooth experience that you were promised. That’s why, cleaning your car upholstery is more important than keeping your car shiny.

Besides that, we all have encountered a scenario where we have spilled the deadly cup of coffee or the mustard sauce from your sandwich. It happened to all of us. And when this happens, we often wonder how to clean car seats stains. No matter if you have got lightest car seat or the heaviest one, car seat stains are the worst nightmare that can happen. You can do car seat repair but if your upholstery is faded or damaged you got to change the whole stuff.

What can you do to make sure your car upholstery is clean enough? Well, that’s not a question that can be answered in a sentence. As we’ve been constantly looking for the best methods through online guides and local mechanics, there were certain things we learned from them. In this article we will also give you insight on top 3 best product to clean car seats.

How we chose the best product to clean car seats

Every product is different in its own way. They are made of different substances that provide varieties of cleaning aptitude to the car owners. In this upholstery cleaning guideline article we will give you an insight on best product to clean car seats that will uplift the aura of your car interior. In order to provide you a clear idea we have practically used several products and took interview of users and their verdict. Based on our overall report we have reviewed top 3 best product to clean car seats.

1) Meguiar's G9719 Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner


best product to clean car seats

Meguiar’s product has always been a center of satisfaction for customers. Starting from their upholstery cleaner and shampoo to car washing soap, they have been top notch since the beginning. Because of it’s wide acceptability we have kept this product in our top list for best product to clean car seats. Beside when we used this product practically on our Toyota Camry Car we seriously got some great result. We were amazed with the fact that this product doesn’t only deep cleaned our upholstery but also improved the odor of the car.

As per the manufacturer’s declaration, this item can also be used to clean car carpets. So definitely it’s a plus. If you ask us the best part of this product, we will say unlike other product to clean car seats, it doesn’t leave any sticky residue or spot.

The structure of the bottle is another good point of this product. It is slim, spray structure and small to fit in any part of your car.


  • The formulation creates foam that goes deep under the stains or dirt to give it deep clean from bottom up.
  • The formulation created in way not to leave any sticky residue after use.
  • The sprayer bottle enables you to target precise stains or a wide range of cleaning facility.
  • This product helps to improve the car odor as well.
  • It cleans both car carper & car upholstery.
  • The formula dries up pretty quickly.


  • When we used this product practically, we actually didn’t like the odor as it was too strong for us.
  • Some users have reported this item work weakly for coffee stains.
  • Some stains took several times of application to get removed.
  • Only provide cleaning facility for car upholstery & car carpets.

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2) CarGuys Super Cleaner - Effective All Purpose Cleaner


Best product to clean car seats

Over the time CarGuys left their footmark boldly in car cleaning industry. Despite of its bit overprice, it is one of the best product to clean car seats. It has a good review among the users and people actually overlook the price tag and choose Carguys because of its quality. Unlike other products available in the market, it is safe to use on any part of the car interior.

The best part of this product is, it can clean all types of car upholstery, plastic part of the car, car dashboard, car panel etc. So at a premium price you are getting a single product to serve varieties of purpose. Moreover, this product is formulated in a way to tackle hard dust, grimes and strong dirt elements. Furthermore, CarGuys super cleaner doesn’t leave any trace of oily surface which is a unique part of this product. After applying you will experience a soothing fragrance out of your car.


  • It can clean all types of car upholstery, car interior plastic, dashboard, car panel and jambs etc.
  • It can also clean sofa, carpet, outdoor accessories and many more.
  • It does not contain any harsh cleaning agent or harmful chemicals.
  • One product serves varieties of purpose.
  • It deep cleans the car upholstery.
  • Does not require rinsing after use.


  • This cleaning agent doesn’t contain conditioning facility. So you will need to buy separate conditioner.
  • According to some users it leaves a white footprint after application.
  • Doesn’t leave a glossy finish.

3) Turtle Wax Power Out! Upholstery Cleaner Odor Eliminator


Best product to clean car seats

Considering the price, Turtle wax power out offers the best deep cleaning for your car upholstery. It’s in our top 3 list for best product to clean car seats because of price along with the quality of cleaning. The formulation of this cleaner is strong enough to deal with any types of food stain, coffee stain or grease.

The unique part of this product is it has an ambulatory brush attached to it. It can be really helpful cleaning strong stains. This formulation contains odor-x substance which is efficient to eliminate strong odor like tobacco. It can clean any types of vehicle upholstery including cars, trucks, bus, boats and many more. It is one of the best cloth car seat stain remover.

Have you heard of any cleaning agent that leaves silicone shield of protection? We haven’t heard of any such. This is exactly what this cleaning agent offers. And that’s why this product made it’s way to our top 3 list for best product to clean car seats.


  • Highly efficient to eliminate any types of strong odor including tobacco.
  • It’s a very good product to clean any types of strong stains, grimes & dust.
  • Detachable cleaning brush is included with the bottle.
  • It is compatible with any types of color: dark or light.
  • It’s best value for money product.


  • The brush attached to the bottle is not strongly adhered. So after couple of times it comes off.
  • According to some customers, it works better on dark color upholstery than the light one.
  • The detachable brush is kind of harsh compare to the specialized cleaning brush.

Best practices for car upholstery cleaning

Modern day cars are unique. Every car manufacturer out there is at constant competition with one another. They are upgrading every little detail day by day. That makes cleaning methods a bit more complicated for you. As the rapid development in automobile technology, the quality, and material of upholstery is changing every day.

The best practices for excellent quality cleaning of the car upholstery starts with gathering information. You need to know about all the details of your car. Remember, cleaning your car upholstery would include working with water, soap and many other things that can harm the electrical system of your car if it gets in contact. Also using low end product to clean your car upholstery might end up ruining your car seats. So you will need best product to clean car seats.

So, to reach the best practices, start with the basics. Know everything about the inside of your car. Take out the manual and look for the materials of the upholstery. If you have done that, let’s start with the basic process.

  • Start with the basics and do the cleaning step by step
  • Start by dry cleaning the seats at first and move forward to the wet cleaning
  • Don’t make the upholstery too wet as it could leave a stain on it
  • If you don’t have conditioners, use homemade products to clean the upholstery
  • Wait for at least 8 hours to get the stains out of your upholstery.
  • Don’t rush into the next step without finishing the previous one

Tools you will need to clean car upholstery

What do you need to use to clean something? Well, cleaning your car upholstery is almost like cleaning your room. But, in this case, you need patience and look out for every detail. We have listed top 3 best car seat cleaning solution above. Have a look at that as well. To start with the cleaning process, gather these things by your side:

  • Vacuum Cleaner
  • Upholstery Conditioner (You can find them in the market)
  • Source of water (Hot and Cold)
  • Mild Detergent
  • Cleaning Sponges
  • Fresh Towels
  • Toothbrush (Yes, you need this too!)

Types of Car Upholstery and Tips to clean them

In this section, we will discuss how to deep clean car seats and how to take care of different types of car upholstery. Different types of car upholstery require different types of attention & detailing. Beside you will also need some best product to clean car seats. In this part, you will learn the best way to clean car seat stains and many more.

Leather Upholstery

As you already know, leather is the most expensive among all the car upholstery materials. That means, if you have leather upholstery, you need to clean it like you mean it. Using wrong cleaning methods and products could easily damage the leather and make it fall off from places. With best cleaning method you will also need best car leather cleaner and conditioner. Moreover, the leather could dry off and there can be cracks at places. Don’t act as you wish with this type of material.

How to clean car leather upholstery

To clean leather upholstery, first, take out your vacuum cleaner and gently clean the dust out of the whole car. You can do that with a fresh clean cloth too. After that, take out the leather upholstery conditioner and rub it evenly throughout the surfaces.

Don’t put too much concentration at a single place. Let the oil be distributed throughout the whole upholstery. Remember to do that at night as these conditioners can get affected by the UV rays of sunlight. Keep your car under shade for the night and let it soak the oil from the conditioner. You can also take some help from best car leather cleaner available on the market.

Cloth/Fabric/Polyester Car Upholstery

This type of car upholstery is mainly used as micro suede. This material is very comfortable when it comes to long drives and traffic jams. The texture makes your body blend in with the seat. But, that makes a little tough to clean. As the texture changes according to the weight given, this material has the tendency to hold onto dirt and stains.

Best way to clean fabric car seats

Despite the material’s dirt and stain loving characteristic, you can easily clean it with the help of a damp cloth. Just clear the dirt out of the seats thoroughly and choose a cleaning agent to get the stains off.

You can use a soap with low PH instead of the cleaning agent which is the best way to clean fabric car seats. Baby soap can be your companion for this task. But remember to evenly distribute the cleaning agent. Don’t get the material too wet as it could easily leave wet stains. To get rid of the stain you can use some cloth car seat stain remover.

Nylon Car Upholstery

Nylon probably is the most common upholstery material used throughout the world. It’s cheap but very durable. But the drawback is, this material is porous. That means dirt will get stuck badly in the material.

How to clean car nylon upholstery

Cleaning the dirt is your first priority when it comes to the nylon upholstery. Take your vacuum cleaner and take the dirt out of the upholstery. After doing that, take a little bit of mild detergent and mix it up with hot water. Gently clean the seats with a sponge soaked in the mixture.

Don’t get your car wet with the mixture. Once you’re done with that, take another sponge and put it in some cold water. Clean the seats again, slowly and carefully.

Faux Leather Upholstery

With a leather look and relatively cheap price, faux leather upholstery is a smart choice for car owners. This material is waterproof and that’s good news for you. The cleaning process is very easy compared to the others.

How to clean car faux leather upholstery

Just take out the dust with a duster and finish it with the help of the vacuum cleaner. Then, add some detergent in hot water and rub it with the help of a damp cloth. Immediately after that, use a wet cloth to take off the detergent and use a dry cloth to take out the water. You can also use a toothbrush to clean the unreachable areas.

Best Way to Clean Car Carpet Upholstery

Car carpet upholstery is often overlooked. But your car carpet cleaning can make a huge difference to the overall look and presentation of your car. It’s a vital part of car seat cleaning solution. It’s so natural and easy for dirt & crumbs to pile up on your car floor mats without being noticed. So every once in a while you should clean your car carpet along with your interior car detailing.

1) Start picking up any trash or dirt lying in your car carpet. To begin with, the car floor mats cleaning your car should be organized first.

2) Take off the carpets out of your car to shake down any additional crumbs or trash. After then you should deep vacuum your car carpets along with under the pedals and beneath and the side areas of your seats.

3) Once you are done with cleaning all the trash & crumbs you can now focus the carpet. Find if there are any stains and wipe it up with a bit of cold water and then mop up with a towel to get rid of the car carpet stains. For better result, you can use spot cleaner or stain remover.


Car Seat Cleaner Homemade Solution

It’s not necessary all the time to go for the cleaning chemicals for your car upholstery. There are some other ways to get diy car upholstery cleaner that can be equally effective as car seat cleaning solution. If you are having the question in your mind of how to get water stains out of car seats than the following car seat cleaner homemade solution can be of your help.

Best way to remove stains from car seats with homemade product

You’re always in a rush whenever you’re in the car. Spilling something is normal in times of hurry. But, that doesn’t mean you have to get additional products to get these stains off. Just use some car seat cleaner homemade mixtures to get the rough stains out of your car upholstery. Different materials need different types of homemade mixtures. In this section we will cover best way to clean car seat stains with homemade product. Let’s get to that.

  • Best way to clean fabric car seats

To remove stains from fabric seats, you can follow some general guidelines as described below:

  1. Spray the club soda you have in your refrigerator lightly on the stain and use a brush to take it out. Wipe it with a clean towel afterward.
  2. Make a mixture of ¼ cup of baking soda with warm water and use a toothbrush to use the solution and scrub the stain away. If the stain seems tough, let the solution mix for 30 minutes or so.
  3. Take a cup of vinegar and a few drops of dish wash, mix it up with a bucket of hot water. Use a toothbrush to take out the stains with the help of the mixture. Clean it with a dry cloth after you’re done with the stains.
  4. You can also use detergent to take out stains. Mix some detergent with hot water and clean the stains with it using a damp cloth. Dry the seats after taking the stains out.
  • Best way to clean leather car seats

Leather seats are very sensitive when it comes to cleaning. Maintain the following processes to clean your leather seats:

  1. Take a cotton ball and dip it into rubbing alcohol. Slowly rinse through the stains and dry them immediately afterward.
  2. Use toothpaste through a clean toothbrush to get to the tough spots.
  3. Take the aforementioned vinegar mixture and use it here.

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Removing bad odor & smells with homemade product

You can’t simply get rid of the bad smells and odor out of the car by cleaning it. There can be hundreds of reasons for your car to develop a bad odor. But, there’s a very easy solution to that and you don’t need to buy any extra tools for that. To get rid of the bad smells, follow these simple and easy steps:

Step 1: Take two bowls and fill them up with vinegar. You will find these things in the kitchen easily.

Step 2: Take one bowl and place it on the dashboard of your car. It will take out the smell from the front side.

Step 3: Take the other bowl and place it on the back seat of your car. Remember, do this before the day of cleaning and keep the windows closed during the process.

Step 4: Take the bowls out after 6-8 hours. Keep the windows open so that the smell of vinegar disappears.

There it goes. You will have a fresh smell coming out of your car. Remember to do this at least once every week to keep your car fresh from the inside.


Your car is providing you fantastic service each and every day. The best thing you can do for it is to keep it clean and fresh. Choose the best product to clean car seats and clean your car at least once a week to keep it in shape. Hope you have a wonderful time reading this article!


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