Best rock lights for trucks - How To & Buying Guide

Best Rock Lights for Trucks: Complete Buying Guide

If you want to make your vehicle look cool the most practical addition can be some best quality rock lights. Rock lights for vehicle will not only offer you a cool look but also ensure extra security measure. Besides adding an exotic aura it will also fortify you when driving off-road. In this article we will provide an in-depth exposure on how to choose the best rock lights for truck and how to install rock lights on your vehicle.

What is Rock Lights?

To ensure the safety of your car while driving off-road, rock lights is the ultimate solution. Rock lights enable more illumination below and all around your car to enable better views. Rock lights comes in different color and illumination. Among them white led rock lights are extremely in-demands in recent times. When you drive in the dark and off-road, you need as much off road rock lights as you can get from your car to drive safely and smoothly. LED lights for under truck provide enough illumination so you can see where you’re going and avoid risks. In recent times, the demand for LED rock lights increased significantly to the people who drive off-road at night.

Rock lights are simply attached to the bottom part of your vehicle. They are attached in an angle that covers both the right and left sides of your car. It adds extra light to the front and back so you can see things more clearly. Above all, RGB lights add a different and unique vibe to your truck. It simply setp up the illumination game of your vehicle.

Benefits of Installing Rock Lights

If you’re a frequent traveler and are used to driving your car in the dark, you would know clearly how having more lights can benefit you more. Besides adding some cool aura to your car, most people use rock lights as safety measurement for driving at night. Let’s talk about all the benefits associated with installing rock lights in your truck.

More Lights Off-Road

Off-road driving is the most challenging form. There is insufficient light and a lot of debris. Keeping your steering at the right angles become too tough when your car faces unattended rocks. That happens mostly because of the light problem. If you have enough off road rock lights installed, you will be able to clearly see the oncoming rocks and debris even in pitch black roads. This gives you a huge benefit while riding off-roads.

Smoother Ride

If you can see clearly you can steer clearly too. Installing rock lights will provide enough light so you can steer away from obstacles and debris. Steering away will make your ride smoother, giving you the best feel even in off-roads.

Comfortable Experience

Keeping your car wheels out of rocks and debris will provide you a comfortable driving experience. While driving off-road and in dark areas, every driver in the world feels a slight discomfort watching out every second for bumps and rocks. Installing rock lights will provide enough illumination so you can see these debris and steer clearly. That will bring comfort to your mind and riding experience.

What things to consider when buying best rock lights for trucks

There are lots of companies now who manufacture rock lights for trucks. But not all the brand offer same quality. To get a better price for best quality consider the following feature when buying rock lights:

Durable Material

Durability is the first and most important thing to consider when buying underbody lights for trucks. Because the lights can break any time due to the speedy rocks on the road. Besides that, there are many environmental effects that can damage the rock lights just like the automotive paint respirator. Harsh weather conditions can cause the lights to wear out too.

So, when buying off road rock lights for your truck, check if the material is strong enough or not. Plastic polymer coatings make rock lights more durable while aluminum can make it more vulnerable.

How to install rock lights in your truck: Complete guide

Ease in installing

Some rock lights come with zero wiring and some with huge amount of wirings. So users always tremble around how to wire rock lights. For most of the first time buyer it is quite tough to install rock lights on their vehicle. Below we have discussed in detailed method on how to wire rock lights. A better wiring system can make the rock lights more secure and durable. If there are sufficient wires, you can connect the wires more easily. It will reduce a lot of hassle. It would make extensions and modifications easier for you too. You can have all the modification you need with extend wiring. There are some magnetic rock lights for truck that doesn’t require advance level of installing knowledge.

Brightness of Light

The light is the only thing that you need and it must be the best. Most of the lights used are 5001m lights, but what you need the most is the focus angle. A smaller focus with lower angle will only make the lights expose downwards and provide you far less amount of light than expected.

More focus radius and a better angle like 120 degree will provide better assistance to see objects in front and back. You can have hundreds of color patterns if you choose RGB colors. But a plain white led rock lights will provide better sight compared to different colors. So we will suggest you to go with white led rock lights if you are considering safety measurement first.

Controlling Options

Most of the underglow kit for truck out there comes with a manual switch that you need to press to wake up the lights. But, as modern generation has changed the concept of basic technology, rock light controls have upgraded too. With integration to the smart technology the rock light industry have stepped up their game as well. There are rock lights which come with integrated networking that allows app control. That means you can change the settings just through your phone and with one click. They also provide excellent range so you don’t need to get on the truck every time you need to turn on/off the lights.

Wiring Quality

The durability of rock lights depend on wiring quality too. If the wiring provided by the manufacturer is durable, it will result in longer rock light life. Again, better quality wiring ensures the proper power supply needed to run the lights properly. Without compatible wiring you will find it hard to operate the rock lights properly. Make sure the wiring is compatible with your vehicle before you purchase it.

How to install rock lights in your truck: Complete guide

Till this part of the article we are guessing that you already made up your mind to buy best rock lights for trucks. Below we will guide you through the step by step process of how to install rock lights in your truck. Wiring rock lights in your truck is a very easy process if you stick to the correct wiring pattern. It takes some minutes to install the rock lights as it is only a plug and play enabled process. But, the toughest part is drilling at the right spots. You will need a sufficient amount of wiring. If there’s less wiring, buy some wirings from the local dealer and find the most compatible wiring for convenience. You will of course have a manual to install it but these are the common steps that you need to follow:

Things you will need

  • Pliers
  • Drill
  • Drill bits
  • Wire crimpers
  • Wrench
  • Suitable screwdriver
How to install rock lights in your truck

The In-Depth Process of How to install rock lights in your truck:

  • The very first step will be testing the rock light whether it is in good shape or not. Test your rock lights at first by connecting to the desired power input. Connect all the wires and use the car battery or a suitable 12V battery to test the lights. If the lights shine like they are meant to, proceed to the next step.
  • Find out and mark the spots where you want to install the lights. Choosing the right places might be confusing. You should start with finding firm places. Choose the best spots where you can drill and put a firm grip. Put the mounting brackets in an angle so that it doesn’t interfere with the light. Drill carefully as not to intrude into any of the interior parts. And, always keep your car switched off while starting to operate.
  • After the mounting brackets are placed, add the lights into their places. Bind all the wiring together and attach them strongly to the right places under your car. Don’t mix the wiring together as it will increase resistance and heat up the wiring more.
  • Connect the wiring with the power source in a non-intrusive way. Add the negative and positive electrodes to the designated battery terminal and give it a go.

Best Rock Lights for Trucks: FAQ

The durability of rock lights depend on wiring quality too. If the wiring provided by the manufacturer is durable, it will result in longer rock light life. Again, better quality wiring ensures the proper power supply needed to run the lights properly. Without compatible wiring you will find it hard to operate the rock lights properly. Make sure the wiring is compatible with your vehicle before you purchase it.

How to choose the best rock lights for trucks?

Having RGBW light will bring a colorful vibe to your automobile and provide different color choices. But these lights don’t work too well in darkness as these colors can get mixed up and result different perception of the obstacle ahead. Using a RGB light depends on your car’s color too. The best one should be the one that suits your lighting needs and provides you assistance while driving.

Does water damage rock lights?

Most of the rock lights in the market are designed to withstand the harshness of the road. The outer layer is designed with synthetic plastic to perform in full potential even in harsh weather patterns. Water isn’t an issue for the rock lights. They can work perfectly in rainy weather, muddy places and snowy environment. Though these are powered by LED lights and these lights can have smaller life.

Is extra battery needed to power rock lights?

✓ Rock lights can perform to their highest potential just by your car battery. There’s no need of external batteries. But of course you can use extra batteries to power your rock lights and keep the power sources different. In that case, a 12V battery would be enough to provide enough power.

Is using rock lights legal or illegal?

✓ Rules and regulations are different in different countries. But most of the countries don’t allow RGB lights as they block the view of the drivers behind. You will simply earn a ticket because of that. But warm white lights are permitted in many regions. You just need to check if your country allows rock lights or not.

How can I be benefited through rock lights?

✓ Using rock lights will provide you better lighting in the two sides and back side of your car. You will get a better sight of the road even in dark roads. It is actually necessary for off road drivers and drivers who drive at night more. Plus, the lights add a different vibe to your vehicle and shows off an amazing style that can’t be achieved through paint.

What is the price of good quality rock lights?

✓ Rock lights have different price ranges according to the wattage. Another quality that makes the cost differ is the intensity of the rock lights. But these lights are definitely not that pricey. You can pick up a great quality rock light in 60$-300$. That is the price for RGB lights. You can get white LED light bulbs in less than 60$.

Undoubtedly, rock lights for vehicle is the thing in trend. Since it offers lucrative look along with necessary safety measurements, it has its practical application. This article will help you with your decision to buy rock lights for truck. We have demonstrated the steps to choose best rock lights for trucks along with the steps on how to install rock lights. Hope you have enjoyed reading this article and the information were helpful for you.


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