how to remove scratches from car home remedy
Removing car scratches include many ways, ranging from expensive car maintenance gears to simple home remedies. Scratches don’t ask before they appear and you may never know when you need to fix things. That’s why making use of home remedies is the best option when it comes to sudden surprise visits from the ugly scratches.

How to Remove Scratches from Car Home Remedy

Cars are prone to sudden damages out of the blue. Just a simple touch with anything can create a scratch mark that could ruin the whole outlook. Everybody knows how it feels when you see a tiny little scratch mark ruining the whole beauty of your car. Being a proud owner of some vintage cars overtime, we’ve done all the maintenance by ourselves. I’ve taught myself how to buff out scratch on car in a whip.

Getting scratches out of car include many ways, ranging from expensive car maintenance gears to simple home remedies. Scratches don’t ask before they appear and you may never know when you need to fix car scratches. That’s why making use of home remedies is the best option when it comes to sudden surprise visits from the ugly scratches.

Throughout this article, I’ll talk about the most efficient home remedies to remove scratches from car paintwork and make the paint shiny as new. We’ll talk about how to remove small scratches from car in the first section and move on to removing deep scratches from car in the next section. So, cheer up and learn the best way to remove scratches from car!

How to take scratches out of car

How to fix small scratches on car? When it comes to our beloved cars we always bewildered getting the right solution for it. Light scratches do not damage the outer material usually. Most of the time, it deforms the paint or removes it in a way that you can see the metal body. Whatever the damage is, light scratches can be fixed pretty easily with some easy-to-find home appliances. By using the following methods one can easily fix small scratches on car. Without further ado, here are the best way to remove scratches from car!

How to take scratches out of car with home made products:

• Darker Toned Shoe Polish

One of the most efficient remedies of the car scratch problem comes with the correct usage of shoe polish. We know it’s not what shoe polish was created for. But it works like magic when it comes to covering up scratch marks and paint deforms. Plus, literally, everyone has shoe polish in their house available at all times.

If there’s a light scratch mark on your car that dented the paint a little, start by lightly washing. Properly wash the upper surface with water and thoroughly rinse it afterward. Let it dry for a couple of minutes while getting your polish ready. Remember, you need one scale darker tone than your car’s actual color. Shoe polish itself is a bit shiny and using the same tone will make it stand out. You don’t want that of course. To apply the shoe polish correctly, just take a small amount. Apply it to the scratched surface. It will spread out by itself. Don’t try to put too much pressure while applying the shoe polish. It might get smothered to the area around the scratch. After applying the shoe polish, give it some time to dry-off. In the meanwhile, take sandpaper. Using the sandpaper, try to erase the paint around the scratch and put little pressure. Putting too much pressure will result in creating a new scratch on the paint. So, be careful with the amount of pressure. Continue this process until the scratch mark can’t be seen and there is no extra paint around it. This method can be used to fix key scratches on car or any other light scratches on car.

• Puffing Toothpaste On Scratched Surface

Yes, this teeth cleaning medium has so many uses that not everybody knows even half of them. Toothpaste comes in handy when there’s only a scratch mark and the paint isn’t that damaged. This marvellous thing has abrasive cleaning agents that can remove tough stains and rough scratch marks. You can also clean the headlights with toothpaste when they become foggy.

To fix car scratches with toothpaste consists of the same working pattern as shoe polish. Before even trying to apply toothpaste, make sure the surface is cleaned. Clean the surface thoroughly with water and let it dry for a while. After the surface is dried, take the required amount of toothpaste onto an old toothbrush. You can start adding it by puffing the area of the scratch. Try to maintain a rotating motion as it spreads the material out through the whole surface. When you think you’ve puffed enough, wipe everything that’s gathered around the surface. If you can still see the scratch but it’s faded even a little, repeat the complete process from the start. Please note, this method works well on light colored car. For deep or black car you should use some best scratch remover for black car.

how to remove scratches from car home remedy

• Gloss-less Nail Polish to fix car scratches

Here’s another accessory that has surprising capabilities to fix certain things. Nail polish is great as a scratch remover because it doesn’t try to actually remove scratches from car paintwork. It just puts a coating of strong paint over the scratched surface. It’s easy to use and there’s no need for rinsing or using sandpaper. You just need to match the perfect shade to mix it up with your car’s basic color. So if you are having the question of how to get rid of scratches on your car, you can go with gloss-less nail polish to fix small scratches on car.

To apply nail polish, make sure the scratched surface is thoroughly cleaned and dried. Take a small portion of nail polish at the tip of the brush. Try to apply it perfectly on the scratched surface. Try one scale darker color than your car’s so it meshes up with the background. There’s nothing to worry about if the paint travels to the surrounding area. It won’t have any effect on the color or material. Let the first coating dry-up and check if the scratch is removed or not. If you can still see the scratch, put another coating on top of it. Continue until you there’s no scratch mark anymore. Beware of the material of the nail polish as some nail polishes can cause corrosion to metal surfaces.

how to remove scratches from car home remedy

• Candle Wax for Emergencies

Can you buff out scratches on a car with candle wax? To be honest, candle wax isn’t a very reliable solution as like the previous ones. But still, it’s still great for scratch emergencies. Just like putting on the nail polish, you need to thoroughly rub the wax over the scratched surface. Make sure you’ve covered the area correctly. After putting on the wax, remove unnecessary parts of it with a clean cloth. Candle wax will put a shine on the surface. But it won’t be that way for too long. It is prone to get damaged from external or internal heat. Remember, this is not a permanent or even a week-long solution. But it will hold up for at least a day and the process is too easy.

how to remove scratches from car home remedy

• Easily Removable Duct Tape

In this section we will discuss how to get scratches out of a car with removable duct tape. There’s a popular opinion that goes like this- there’s almost nothing that you can’t fix with duct tape. Yes, of course, duct tapes can be pretty useful to hide the scratch marks on your car. Depending on the quality of the tape, these things can stay on the surface of a car for as long as you wish. It will buy you some time before the next paint job.

Applying duct tape on a scratch is like applying it on any normal surface. But with the duct tape, you need to be very careful while applying it on a scratch mark. Finding the exact matching shade of duct tape can somehow be difficult. But a little bit darker tone can be used as it won’t ruin the look. Try to cut the tape at a suitable length so it not only hides the scratch mark but also gets mixed up with the background color. Don’t use a lighter shade of duct tape as it will reflect the sun rays. With that, the color won’t mix up with the background. And, be very careful of the quality of the duct tape as some duct tapes are difficult to peel off. It can take chunks of paint while it’s being removed. So you will need to be little bit careful when you are trying to fix car scratches with duct tape

• Matching Spray Paint

Spray paint is a very smart option when the scratched surface is large in size. There are literally hundreds of shades available. And you can fix small scratches on car with matching spray paint. You can even improvise your car’s exterior surface by painting something cool on the scratched surface. But, painting your car with a spray can somehow be difficult if the area is small. On top of that, it requires certain preparations.

Before starting to spray, you need to cover up the surrounding surface. Try covering it with easy to remove tapes or things like that. This will work as protection. Plus, you won’t need to spray so accurately. Remember to paint thoroughly and gently as the paint takes some time to show its results. Don’t touch the paint in a couple of minutes after applying as it can get smudged easily.

• Transparent Super Glue

Here’s another common home accessory with a great range of uses. Super glue is a transparent medium that can easily blend in. It won’t remove the scratch or put color on. It just covers the scratched surface and blends the scratched area with its surroundings. Apply the glue with caution and remove unnecessary parts of it using sandpaper.

• Suitable Artwork

This is a very effective and popular method to hide scratch marks. If you can’t find a suitable solution of how to buff out a scratch on a car, you can always turn the scratch into an artwork with a designer. Artworks for car exterior can be found easily. On tip of everything, you can even put on your own artwork through using touch-up paint. There are small to large stickers, aesthetic car exterior designs and many easy DIY car artworks to choose from.

How to Get Deep Scratches Out of Car

After providing in detailed insight on how to fix minor scratches on car now it’s time to shed some light on how to get deep scratches out of car. Deep scratches create a big problem as the damage is too heavy. In some cases, the paint seems to be completely gone from the scratched surface. But, there are simple cures to these deep scratches with simple household accessories. Here are the things to use to cover up a deep scratch on a car’s exterior!

• Concentrated Shoe Polish

Again, shoe polish is an answer to the question of how to get a scratch off a car with deep scratches.  Just like we mentioned earlier, shoe polish has the ability to easily attach itself to a surface without showing any side effects. To remove deep scratches from the surface, wash the scratch area and the surrounding surface. Try to clean it properly with a washcloth. Let it dry for a couple of minutes. Choose the perfect shade of shoe polish so it merges with the background color easily. Try to avoid glossy and lighter shades if you can’t find the exact one.

Depending on the scratched area, apply the shoe polish little by little so it doesn’t ruin the surrounding surface. You may need to put too many layers of shoe polish to make the scratch completely invisible. After you’re done with the applying phase, take sandpaper. Wipe the surrounding area with the sandpaper carefully. A concentrated amount of shoe polish will add an extra amount of gloss to the existing color. It will look cool if you can merge the color properly with the background. After you’re done with cleaning the residuals, polish the outer surface so the gloss remains the same throughout the whole surface.

• Scratch Repair Kits for Removing Deep Scratches from Car

Aside from home accessories, you can easily get scratch repair kits to get rid of deep scratch marks. These car scratch removers are easy to use and their performance is of professional quality. If you already have a car scratch repair kit at home, wash the affected surface clearly with some car wash detergent and shampoo. Make sure there are no dust particles remaining on it.

After the surface is clean and dry, take a little amount of scratch remover on a clean cloth. Start to apply it on the affected area with caution. Applying little amount and with caution are two important things to remember as it can damage the surface if not handled properly. After the remover is applied, use a buff pad to make the whole surface smooth and remove the leftovers. Check if the scratch is invisible or not. Repeat the processes if needed. Cleansing the applied scratch remover with alcohol can help in getting rid of dust particles.

Final Thoughts on How to Remove Scratches from Car Home Remedy

When it comes to our beloved car, none of us want to make any compromise. If you like to cover the maintenance part yourself, you’re doing it the right way. Remember, professional help is needed in case of proper restoration of the car’s exterior. But minor fixes can come pretty handy as we don’t have so much time to take the car to the shop for every scratch. The remedies suggested above can get the job done in an efficient way only if you follow the rules of applying them in the correct sequence. We hope this article will help you with how to remove minor scratches from car.