Ultimate Guide To Interior Car Wash
Overview of interior Car wash and car detailing

Overview of interior Car wash & detailing:

If you have passed two-and-a-half years with your car, then, Welcome! To read this article, cause, enough skill gained throughout the years, which is enough to learn the interior car washing technique. In addition, one thing to remind before starting; it is not like a random “How To”, rather, a detailed guideline to assist you to step by step. So let’s cut to the chase:

In the first step, we will focus on basic overview regarding detail car wash & cleaning procedures. And it starts with: “interior car wash means; professional car cleaning of the inner parts of the car, again car detailing means, cleaning all the inner part in a professional way so that it can shine like first buying.

You can check the history & evolve of interior car wash here.

For example, leather made steering and seat, floor mats, vinyl, carbon fiber made plastics and natural plastic, etc. These inner materials are very sensitive for car and clearing those things are difficult.

Therefore, one needs professional materials and technical guideline, which will be discussed in the oncoming session. Apparently, earlier illustrations are enough as a starter pack. So, let’s move on to the next section.

Detail interior car wash vs. Basic car cleaning

We have adorned this session with two most argued topic, named: detail car wash vs basic car wash, for structuring a knowledgeable conclusion. Thus the things are:

Basic Car cleaning:

It means removing dirt, grimes and environmental dust from the car. To remove those things, the car has to go through in a tunnel where non-abradant washing mixture makes the car glowing, it takes less than 20 minutes, by doing that own. Alternatively, if you want to do it by a professional, then 15 minutes are enough but have to pay $3 for a basic car wash.

Detail car wash:

Ok, this thing is bigger than the earlier one, including each and every detail of the car, for instance: cleaning engine from various dust and solving technical issues, even sometimes restoration may occur.
Concisely, it is beyond washing and mere cleaning. Usually, the car owner does this while reselling cars, some case user does this twice a year if he/she is living on Uber or giving the car for earning extra cash, since, car detailing costs $100.

And that’s all so far on basic car wash and detail car wash. In the next section, we will discuss more detail on cleaning the car interior.

Elements of interior car wash

Well, this section will discuss the area, on which interior car wash applies so that you can structure the exact cleaning procedure, and the areas are:

• Carpets
• Floor mats
• Leather seat
• Vinyl seat
• Cloth seat
• Windows

• Mirrors
• The dashboard of the front panel
• Doors
• Consoles
• Air vents
• Door panels

We consider the overall mentioned areas as the elements of an interior wash. To clean the elements precisely, it’s wise to look over some dos and don`ts, which we will detail in the next topic. This will help you take an exact preparation.

Beginning of the process

Interior car wash is a systematic approach to maintain your car properly. You need to follow some criterion so that your washing technique does not bruise the car. Before wipe all the dirt, let us take a tour regarding what will make your car more beneficial and what will throw the car in danger:


  • Use car-washing detergent
  • Use towel for smooth wipe
  • The electric dryer is better to absorb water
  • Wear soft cloths
  • Use fresh water each time
  • Keep your car under a shade
  • Clean the place at the beginning
  • Remove seats if it possible
  • Use gloves for avoiding health problem
  • Prepare all the soft and hard ingredient before starting the wash
  • Read the measurement guideline before applying the electric device and water employment guideline for different elements.
  • Before using stubborn mark removal read the guideline.
  • Use the glass on the eye for avoiding the accident.
  • Collect all the electronic ingredients cause elements like seat and foam needs water absorber, which cannot be done naturally.

Things you shouldn't do

  • Don’t use normal detergent or shampoo
  • Don’t use a sponge to wipe water cause it gives you spot
  • If you wear any sort of jewelry, then keep it away during the washing
  • Don’t wash the interior in a hot sunny place
  • Don’t work in bare hand and foot.
  • Since interior cleaning needs various cleaning ingredient so don’t start wiping until the assurance of proper ingredients.

So those above things are must abide before starting interior car washing. Now, If you have rolled the eyes on the aforesaid code of conduct, then the next stage is for you.

Interior car wash supplies, Things you will need

Here, you will learn about the essentials to make the interior glow, and for that, we designed this session combining with the following material details.

Soaps & Cleaners: To wash all the grime and dust from the interior, you will need an adequate soap. An adequate soap has four major quality, they are:

  • Quantity of foam: it means the amount of foam, creates for cleaning germ. Usually, good quality car wash shampoo creates large quantity of foams.
  • Lubricity: Lubricity increase the chance getting grimes out of your cars. From our point of view, we have found that, more slippery means better soap.
  • Good balance of PH: A very important part of the soap, over which cleaner able to rinse all the dirt.
  • Eco-friendly: After finishing the dirt absorption, soap creates waste that goes directly to the environment. Do soaps waste harm nature? That’s the question you need to confirm, cause, the surroundings may get harmed with  not Eco-friendly product.

Dressing and conditioner: Remember, at the stage of “element of the interior wash” we have introduced with you three different type seats? For those seats, you will need some treatment supplements like lotion or liquid, and these are called dressing and conditioners. For a perfect interior car wash you will need best car dressing & conditioner.

Stain remover: Most of the car users often wonder “how to get stains out of car seats”. It’s one of the most burning questions to the car owners. Car seat stain remover is one of the best ways to clean car seats and remove stains from any part of the car.

Glass cleaner: Cleaning glass & windows are one of the main part of interior car wash. To clean window and mirror you will need this spray, to keep your glass shinning.

Odor removal: After you are finish with the cleaning, you will need to apply an odor removal to remove bad smell. It’s also a part of cleaning car ac vent.

Scents and air freshener: It will support the odor remover to keep the inside air fresh and healthy

Carpet dye: This is used for rejuvenating the carpet from earlier hardship, therefore, your car floor matt going to need this.

Leather care: To take care of your leather seat cover you will need best quality leather seat cover cleaner which comes in the format of spray.

Seat fabric care: There are two types of car seat fabric exists one: nylon another polyester. To take proper care of those two type seat materials you will need to follow a different caring process. There are several types of car seat fabric cleaner that you can choose from. In the end, this will return you a long-term benefit.

For now, those above things are enough as the starter pack for an interior car wash. When you will have collected all the things, the upcoming method is the ideal step for you.

Methodical approach to interior car wash and detailing

Alright, it’s time to learn what to do and when to do? Means, we have divided interior car washing into three different periods. Let’s see what is waiting for you:

Weekly car interior cleaning:

  • Take a microfiber towel and clean all the plastic, leather and vinyl material.
  • Remove all the floor mats and carpets from the car and wipe all dust
  • Extract all junk like a banana peel, chocolate peel, etc from the car.
  • Sweep door sill and jamb with a soft towel
  • Clean up window, rear mirror with a microfiber towel gently.

Monthly interior car wash:

  • First, apply the method, we mentioned in the weekly car wash.
  • Then, use a vacuum cleaner to wipe the dust from the console, dashboard, seat, carpets, and floor matt.
  • This time use glass cleaner spray to clean glass in detail
  • Employ a UV protector on the place where sun mostly heat.

Quarterly approach to clean the interior:

  • Apply the previously discussed steps.
  • Clean up car upholstery
  • Wash the car interior in detail this time.

The detailed steps of the car cleaning process will be discussed in the following part of this article. So bare with us.

Start your interior car wash with vacuuming

Car Vacuum Cleaner
Get Best car detailing vacuum to start the interior car wash

You should always start with properly vacuuming your car upholstery and other cars inside part. Find the best vacuum for car detailing to start with.

• From this stage, we will focus on some fieldwork and it starts with vacuuming tips and tricks. So let’s get to know about car interior Vacuum tips and tricks:
• Collect all the material to assist vacuuming such as brush, soft bristle brush, low profile head.
• Remove all the personal assets from the car.
• Start the vacuum from loose dirt
• Use a brush to clean hidden dust properly
• While cleaning hidden is like under the seat, brake panel, apply possible small tools. To make sure the place is dust-free.
• During carpet cleaning, there is a chance of odor. To avoid that use air freshener and start to vacuuming
• The best way of vacuuming carpet and floor matt are pulling out that from the car.
• After completing the vacuum session, use a microfiber towel to serve a final touch, on each area of the interior.
• Don’t forget to read the vacuum device manual before starting.

Tips: We will suggest you not to go for some cheap car vacuum cleaner. Because they won’t last for long and will not efficiently clean up the dust and other pernicious substances. As per expert’s suggestion below you will find some best car detailing vacuum cleaner.

Very easy and effective tips those are, right? Now buckle up for the next step where door panel and jamb caring guidelines are waiting.

Proper Treating for your door panel & jambs

cleaning car door panel & jambs

Congratulation for completing the first step and welcome to the next step where you will learn some important tips for the cleaning door panel and doorjambs. Properly cleaning door panel & jambs are vital part of full detail car wash. Let’s start with steps to clean car door panel & jambs:

Door panel cleaning tips:

  • At first, clear the door panel dust with a vacuum
  • Then use the cervix tool for the place where the vacuum cannot go
  • If it does not work, then use a compressed air
  • Use leather cleaner for leather
  • Use a vinyl cleaner to clean vinyl
  • Apply soft-bristled brush and microfiber brush for wiping out grime.
  • Use a soft towel while using leather conditioner or dressings.

Door jamb cleaning tips:

  • Always keep these three things: all-time cleaner, brush, towel.
  • Those materials are enough to remove door jambs dirt.
  • Use water spray, not a pressure washer
  • Keep the door jamb dry before starting the cleaning operation
  • Do things carefully and slowly.
  • Do this once in a week.
  • Don’t use the same cleaner for all-purpose

Above things are enough to take care of door panel and door jamb. If you have learned the steps, then forthcoming steps will be easier for you.

Proper care for your car vents

In this step, you will learn how to clean car vents, cause this is a very important element for ventilating bad objects from the car through the air. Apart from that, we want to share precise knowledge since 60% people don’t know: how to clean the stuff, as a result, the cleaning turns into a curse for them by ruining the sensitive element of the vehicle. For avoiding that, here are the top 3 ways you should apply for taking care of cars.

Use a specialized brush: As you know the car vents are a sensitive portion, should use a special brush that made of microfiber, or it’s better to apply foam painting brush. The reason, for using that special brush is to keep the cleaning process smooth and sound. They can reach in depth of the vent, contrarily regular brush cannot reach, consequently harms on specific portions.

Steam cleaner: Sometimes, you will need a good steam cleaner to wipe stubborn and complicated dirt. Usually, this device dysfunctions the car vent interior: germs, dirt, and risky elements. Therefore, using a steam cleaner can keep you and car on the safe side.

Use odor remover: Car vents sometimes produce odor for air filtering or air-condition dirt cake. To remove the embarrassing smell from the car, it’s good to remove the cake. If it is not possible for a while, use odor remover over the vent and wipe that with a towel, that’s it.

This odor may also create, from car dashboard panel dirt. To clear that dashboard and panel, we have discussed some cleaning process below.

Cleaning your car dashboard and panel

Cleaning your car dashboard and panel

The front portion of your car needs extra care since it assists to run the vehicle. For that reason, here we designed some cleaning tips so that car owner can easily apply to clean their dashboard and panel:

  • At first clean the panel with a microfiber towel.
  • Then use a vacuum to clean the objects.
  • During the application of vacuum, use a foam paintbrush to clean more specifically
  • After that spray special cleaner sprays on the dashboard and console and clean that with microfiber soft towel.
  • At last, apply UV protected spray on the part where sun mostly hit.

If you can apply the previously mentioned way, certainly clean and shining dashboard and panels are waiting. To sustain the shining, the owner must take care of the vehicle dashboard and panel regular basis. That’s why further tips, we have injected in the forthcoming session.

Taking care of Vinyl and plastic parts of your car

Not only you should take care of dashboard and panel but also the other parts, that made of plastics and vinyl. To make that caring easier, here we have designed some steps, by which you can properly clean vinyl and plastic. They are:

How to take care of vinyl parts of the car:

  • Use cool water and wash the parts gently.
  • To clean stubborn dust cake use soap and sponge on the dirt. If it does not work apply bristle brush.
  • Always wash the vinyl part in detail by drying and re-wet.
  • Never ever use rough cleaners, alcohol and petroleum distillates. Choose some of the best cleaner for car interior plastic from the market in order to clean your car’s vinyl & plastic part.

How to clean Car's Interior Plastic

  • Always use lint-free cloths or microfiber soft cloths, it will keep the parts mark free.
  • Avoid those type of cleaner which has oil inside cause it leaves huge dirt and tarnishes afterward.
  • Foam crimper pads are best for plastic parts.
  • You can use cotton buds to clean small dust from plastic.
  • The car instrument cluster and radio display or alike the things should be cleaned with glass cleaner, even the plastic cleaner is not suitable for the display.
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If the above said steps are applied on car vinyl and plastic parts, then certainly you are going to get a shining vinyl and car parts.

However, when the owner washes his/her car, subconsciously, a huge amount of dirt falls on the carpets and floor mats. To clean that grim, there are some steps to follow and those will be discussed in the next session.

Car Carpets and Floor Mats Cleaning

While being busy with cleaning other important parts of the car, we often overlook several small parts like car carpet and floor mats. But we should equally put concentration to clean car carpets & floor mats.

Remember there are specialized products for every part of the car. You can not clean your car body with car carpet cleaner similarly you can’t do car wash with carpet cleaner. So when you are cleaning your car carpet or floor mat remember to choose a specialized car carpet cleaner.

How to clean car's floor mats:

  • First, remove the floor mats from the car.
  • Second, vacuum the whole matt, to remove dirt
  • If the floor matt is rubber made use water with a hose, to remove dirt.
  • Third, apply soap and rub it smoothly. Remember the soap must be specialized only for floor mats and carpets.
  • In case the floor matt is made of cloth, use baking soda to clean that, with a brush.
  • If you have, cloth made carpets or floor mats, use car carpet steam cleaner to soak up the water from the carpet or mat.
  • Fourth, leave the car floor mats to dry.

How to clean car carpets:

  • First, pull out carpets from the car if not possible it’s okay.
  • Use the appropriate carpet cleaning cleaner.
  • Brush the carpet gently with the cleaner.
  • Apply a water sucker vacuum to soak all water.
  • Then again re-wet the carpet with clean water
  • After that, soak the water, for collecting all the rest of the water.
  • Left the car for dry

Done! In these ways, you can easily clean up the car floor mats and carpets. By the way, have you noticed that, it’s easy to accomplish the tough job if you do it systematically? Well done dear, next things are all about some simple task.

Cleaning Car Windows

We promised earlier for an easy task and that is car window cleaning. From doing this, just follow the steps as follows:

• Keep your car under a shade.
• Then collect: car glass cleaner, bucket with water, microfiber towel, distill water sponge and vinegar.
• Clean front and rear window first by spraying water and cleaner.
• After spraying those elements, scrub with a sponge gently.
• Apply the process to clean normal dirt and grime.
• If there are spots like hard water spots, then mix one-tablespoon vinegar with water and spray it over the spot.
• Then rub it, see if it works.
• Finishing all the above things, use a glass polisher to make the glass shining.

How To Wash Car Seats

car seat wash

Your car seat is the biggest hoarder of quagmire, waste matter & splatter. A study has shown, your car seat cover holds twice amount of germ & dust than any other part of your car. With kids & pets your car interior tend to be dirtier than others.

Let’s consider you decided for interior car wash. Then car seat covers are the main place you should concentrate. But every car has different types of upholstery. Each type requires different types of washing technique and different car wash chemicals.

Types of Car Upholstery and Ways to Clean

We believe you have effectively utilized the earlier process, from that point of view, want to introduce different types of car upholstery and cleaning methods. After reading this section, you will learn how to remove stains from car seats and take care of car upholstery. So let us start the introduction session:

Five different types of car upholstery:

  • Nylon upholstery
  • Polyester upholstery
  • Vinyl upholstery
  • Faux leather upholstery
  • Leather upholstery

How to clean Car Nylon Upholstery:

  • First, apply a vacuum to remove all the dirt
  • Then wipe the seat with a sponge. The sponge need to dip inside car seat cleaner detergent water. (Mix the detergent with hot water)
  • Take another sponge to clean the detergent by wiping it on the seat, and this time use cold water.
  • Finally, dry the seat completely.

How to clean Car Polyester Upholstery:

  • Use a low PH soap to wash the seat.
  • Don’t use too much water cause polyester material tends to soak a very good amount of water.
  • After washing the seats with soap, steam clean car seats to soak up all the water.

Cleaning and taking care of Car Vinyl Upholstery:

Car Vinyl upholstery is comparatively easy to clean. As it is almost waterproof and condensed, you can easily clean it with good quality vinyl cleaner & moist towel. However, you should clean it frequently so that dust & materials does not seat too strong.

How to Clean Car Faux Leather Upholstery:

  • It’s better to use a feather duster to clean the upholstery grime at first
  • Then mix car detergent into hot water and dip a towel in it
  • Wipe the whole seat. After that, employ another towel that dipped into clean water to soak all detergent.
  • When you have completed that process, let the seat be dried.

Taking care of Car Leather Upholstery:

  • Take a clean cloth to wipe the entire object from leather.
  • Use a conditioner to clean the seat.
  • Conditioner of leather upholstery is a type of lotion, used to keep the leather fit
  • Use UV protection on leather sit.
  • If you want to keep the seat odor-free, spread baking soda on the seat and let it for a night. Next day vacuum and scrub all the seats.
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Thus, following those different types ways you can easily clean the five different types of seats. If you can follow the tips, for cleaning different types of car upholstery, certainly they are going to last longer without any bug and odor.

How to clean my car seats with DIY homemade car upholstery cleaner

Well, you have learned many things about cleaning car upholstery, right? Now, it is time to go beyond learning. For car seat wash you always don’t need to depend on specialized product lines.

With your household products, you can easily develop DIY car seat cleaner. Therefore, we’ve designed an advance way to clean that upholstery when you are running out of an ingredient.

Concisely, we are going to introduce with some interesting DIY (homemade) ingredients, as the alternative of cleaning car upholstery, in the next steps. They are:

Homemade recipe to clean car fabric/cloth upholstery:

In one-cup hot boiled water, mix one-tablespoon borax and three-tablespoon dish soap. Then, spill it in a spray bottle, and shower the water in fabric and rub gently until it’s dry. It really works like charm!

Homemade recipe to clean car leather upholstery:

This recipe has a variety of ingredient, in fact, one easily use one of the components to clean their leather upholstery. Therefore, the elements are:

  • Toothpaste: Take a non-gel type toothpaste and use it over the leather by rubbing with a brush. After that, wipe it with the clean water-soaked towel. Check if it works or not.
  • Nail Polish Remover: Dip a cotton bud in nail polish remover and rub it over the dirt. After doing that apply warm water-soaked towel gently.
  • Rubbing Alcohol: Use a soft towel to dip inside rubbing alcohol, later rub the dipped towel over the grime softly and then, clear the area with a clean towel
  • Lemon Juice and Tartar Cream Technique: Take lemon juice and tartar cream proportionately and mix it together. Then, use that over the slime area for 30 minutes. Remove the applied material afterward. See if it works or not.

How to clean car seats with Baking Soda? :

Final recipe, which you will apply when the seat is oily or greasy. For implementing the recipe, first spread all the baking soda on the seat and rub it with a wet cloth, then let it dry for a whole night. 

Next day, use a vacuum cleaner and a fresh damp cloth to remove the baking soda. After withdrawing all the things, apply leather conditioner and UV protection on it. See if it’s work or not.

With all the mentioned DIY car seat cleaning method, you can easily keep your car upholstery clean and fresh with materials lying around your home.

Best way to deal with car stain

In this section, we will revive cleaning methods for picking the best deal, to fight with car stain. The area will help you get an insight about car stain removal technique, tools to remove car stain and more. Without further delay, let us jump into the sections.

Car stains can really be stubborn and cause you a headache. For that, you should deal with car stains very seriously. Tools like microfiber towel, car stain remover, vacuum cleaner is usually used to get rid of car stains. However, there are some DIY homemade recipe to get rid of stubborn car stains. For example: to remove bloodstain from car seat you can use lemon juice, hydrogen peroxide, baking soda. Moreover, if you are having makeup stain then you can utilize ammonia and baking soda to remove the stain.

Guide to improve your car odor

The final step of your cleaning will end up by following these car-odor removal guidelines. In this section we will guide you to improve your car odor.

When does your car ac smells bad? It is when you allow the dust & harmful substances to seat there for so long. Cleaning car ac vent regularly is one of the best ways to get rid of the bad odor from your car. You can manually clean it with brush or microfiber towel or utilize some car air vent cleaner to get rid of the bad smell.

• For removing odor from leather and cloth seat, you may use white vinegar. The procedure is like Mix one-tablespoon vinegar and one-cup water then pour inside of spray bottle. Next, spray over the seat. You will see, it works like a charm.
• Alternatively, you can use steam cleaning to kill bacteria that create odor.
• Next guideline is; take a bowl and fill it with one of the following things: coffee ground, white vinegar, charcoal. Then keep the plate inside the car for a whole night. This method is applicable when the owner has cleaned their car recently.
• Another step for eliminating skunk odor is: clean the place with clean water-soaked towel, then soak that towel again in vanilla extract and leave it inside the car for a whole night. We have tested this steps and it works perfectly.
• The final step for removing cigarette odor, for that: you can use bounce dryer type sheets or place an ammonia-filled bowl in the car. We have tested this stepson more than 11 cars in total and we got an amazing result.

Improve overall fragrance & bring long-lasting freshness by using scent & air freshener:

If any of the above steps didn’t work for you, you can always use car air freshener or scents. It’s the easiest way to get rid of bad car odor. But you need to keep in mind one crucial thing. If your car is having a bad odor, eliminate the initial bad smell by keeping your car doors and window for at least 1-2 hours before applying the car scent or air freshener. Otherwise, the bad odor and the fragrance of your air freshener might mix up and generate some weird odor.


Our purpose was to provide you with a handbook of car wash inside and out. Besides, we suggested products for full detail interior car wash. We hope that the assistance has paid off.

We will love to have your input on this article on interior car wash.

You can find car interior cleaning services around you. But, we will suggest you do it yourself. You can do it with self-service car wash equipment. Honestly, cleaning services might not be as enthusiastic as yourself. As interior car wash is vital for your car we will suggest to do it yourself.

Try to wash your car interior once in a week through basic washing methods. Also try to detail it once in a month. By doing this, you can ensure a healthy and long-lasting car interior.


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